How To Play Housie Book​

Housie Book

Housie game also known as tambola is a very old game and most entertainment game and we provided facility to play online wint your friends and family. To continue to use Housie Book, first install mobile app in your mobile by clicking here.

There are 90 numbers in Housie Book Game and each ticket has 15 numbers. So, 6 tickets has 15*6 = 90 numbers.
In all these 6 tickets, each number from 1-90 occurs once only (Not applied in shuffled tickets) so covering all 90 numbers.
Number will be present in only one ticket from the set of 6 tickets when system picked a number.

  • Total available numbers in Housie Game is 90 which are 1-90
  • We can generate 6 tickets from the 90 numbers and these tickets shared in sequentials order to player when they are purchasing (Unless selected for shuffled tickets)
  • Each Housie ticket contains 3 rows and 9 columns
  • Each ticket contains 15 numbers
  • Each row in a ticket contains 5 numbers
  • Each columns may contains 1,2 or 3 numbers.
  • Column 1 contains any numbers between 1-9
  • Column 2 contains any numbers between 10-19
  • Column 3 contains any numbers between 20-29
  • Column 4 contains any numbers between 30-39
  • Column 5 contains any numbers between 40-49
  • Column 6 contains any numbers between 50-59
  • Column 7 contains any numbers between 60-69
  • Column 8 contains any numbers between 70-79
  • Column 9 contains any numbers between 80-90

Coins Board

Housie Book
Win Options

Complete first and last number from first and last row in any one of the ticket to win Corners.
First Five
Complete any five numbers in any one ticket to declare your win option First Five/Second Five.
Complete all the first row numbers in any one of the ticket to declare your First Line.
Complete all the second row numbers in any one of the ticket to declare your Second Line.
Complete all the third row numbers in any one of the ticket to declare your Third Line.
Complete all the fifteen number in any one of the ticket to declare your Full Housie.
Win Options

If you complete any win option and you need to click on the corresponding win button to declare your win.
Win options is first come first serve bases, means if multiple users win same option with same number then whoever request reached first will declare as winner and others will marked as missed
[Note: Win option will not submit automatically]


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